Workshops and series


Kat Graham // Thursday 9th of September @ 6pm

. Event at the STUDIO .

This class is an opportunity to play with different hand-balancing poses and transitions– wherever you are at in your practice! Sometimes the build up to a peak pose like handstand can be daunting, so this class is about exploring fun and creative drills to build the strength and technique you need to get upside down comfortably.

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Geneviève Guerard // Saturday 18th of September @ 12pm

. Event at the STUDIO .

Fall under the spell of our live DJ. Move to a musical selection that for the most part remains lyric free and is inspired by the fluidity and creativity of the vinyasa sequence.

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Beatrice Ayotte // Sunday 19th of September @ 6pm

. Event at STUDIO .

Move into relaxation with a Yin and Restorative class accompanied by live music. The perfect combination to help support your inner journey!

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light: ajna chakra

Chloé ROBERTSON // Thursday 23rd of September @ 6:30pm

. Workshop at the STUDIO and ONLINE .

Nature is composed of several elements. The vast majority of ancient philosophies, including yoga, integrate these elements into their practices. In the yogic and chakra system, light and Ajna chakra represent the mental process and the 3rd eye.It is at this level that perceptions are created and structured.

This chakra coordinates mental activities and manages information. The abilities developed at Ajna range from intelligence and the capacity to reflect, to the paranormal faculties of telepathy, clairvoyance, astral projection and more. It is our computer that is programmed based on what we focus on and what we train.When well developed in Ajna. there is a deep understanding of the mental functions. It becomes possible to maintain focus at will. Then, thoughts and patterns can be changed towards more consciousness that leads to the state of union.When unbalanced, there can be confusion, doubt, denial, and a certain state of illusion.In this workshop, I will share with you my humble practice and understanding of Ajna chakra. Being an eternal student myself, I do not pretend to know everything, but I wish to pass on to you what I have learned through teaching and practice.

The format is to combine theory with experience. To use these notions to guide our own exploration and connection to ourselves.
- theory
- postural practice and movement (asana + intuitive movement)
- meditation with mudra and bija mantra

Price: 25$ ONLINE or 35$ in PERSON

There will be 7 workshops in total, built around the 5 elements and the 7 chakras. One is not a prerequisite for the next. However, this being a holistic practice where everything is in everything, I find it quite relevant to do them all, giving you a better understanding of how they interact together.


Patricia Saraswati // Sunday 23rd of September @ 7:30pm

. Event at STUDIO .

Yoga Nidra is the equivalent of lucid sleep. It is a traditional technique of deep relaxation, allowing the different "bodies" or Koshas to relax. The benefits are felt on the physical, energetic and emotional bodies. Through the use of mind-body rotation exercises, breathing and visualization techniques, a state of deep relaxation is induced. Yoga Nidra re-educates sleep and represents a bridge to awakening.

The practice is done in a lying down position, and allows for conscious access to the unconscious so we can install a personal resolution, a "sankalpa" helping to move closer to personal aspirations. By widening consciousness and developing latent potential, Yoga Nidra helps cultivate areas of the brain that are dormant.

Included in STUDIO Forfaits.

108 Surya Namaskar // Equinox Autumn

Rachel Jacobs // Saturday 25th of September @ 10:00am


Celebrate growth and the passage of time as we cycle into the season of maturity, harvest and colour. Welcome autumn with a practice dedicated to the sun! Taking time to mark the transition between the summer and fall seasons can help us to cultivate a sense of balance and gratitude during this important seasonal shift.

The Autumn Equinox edition of 108 Surya Namaskar will take place under the tree canopy of Parc Outremont. Allowing us to connect to the ground beneath and the sky above and anchor our intentions for the season ahead.

108 Surya Namaskars (Sun Salutations) is a traditional practice based on mindful repetition that helps to build pranic energy, steady thoughts, a sense of efficiency and the ability to recognize, trust and possibly exceed one's limits. Modifications will be offered and encouraged. Please know that you can choose to move through some or all of the salutations.

Included in STUDIO Forfaits & STUDIO @ HOME Forfaits.


Patricia Saraswati Letendre // Saturday 30th of September @ 6:30pm


The face has 43 muscles that help us to make about 10,000 expressions! Some research even suggests as many as 60 facial muscles. In the same way that physical exercise is beneficial to the body, the muscles of the face benefit from being trained and relaxed.

Working these muscles can help optimize both the health of the face and eyes. With the potential to increase blood circulation, oxygenation and collagen production, this practice will leave you invigorated and relaxed, both mentally and physically.
During this class we will explore body, face and eye movements, face and neck stretches, as well as self-massage. You will need a spoon and a chopstick.

The event will take place at the studio and online.