Workshops and series

The art of change

Marwa Al-Mubarak // Thursday 14th of January @ 6pm

Why is developing awareness and proprioception of one’s body so paramount in leading a healthy and embodied life? Quite simply, knowing where there are snags and hitches means that we can address these issues and improve upon them.

In this workshop, through a series of movement exercises we will explore and enhance body awareness, quality/joy of movement using both visual and tactile cues. This will be followed by a short yin, to put our learning into practice and help settle it into our bodies.

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Patricia Saraswati // Thursday 21 st of January @ 6pm

Yoga Nidra is the equivalent of lucid sleep. It is a traditional technique of deep relaxation, allowing the different "bodies" or Koshas to relax. The benefits are felt on the physical, energetic and emotional bodies.
Through the use of mind-body rotation exercises, breathing and visualization techniques, a state of deep relaxation is induced. Yoga Nidra re-educates sleep and represents a bridge to awakening. The practice is done in a lying down position, and allows for conscious access to the unconscious so we can install a personal resolution, a "sankalpa" helping to move closer to personal aspirations. By widening consciousness and developing latent potential, Yoga Nidra helps cultivate areas of the brain that are dormant.

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Throwback Mixtape Flow

Geneviève Guerard // Thursday 28 th of January @ 6pm

A signature Le Studio class with a musical twist!

The Throwback Mixtape Flow is a mindful practice with a touch of lightness, where the asanas move freely to the sound of classic Hip Hop, R&B and Pop from the last decades. The musical selection is based on your teacher's favorites! Come move, breath, maybe even dance a little and see if you would have chosen the same playlist!

Included in Studio @ home forfaits
Drop in 10$

Prenatal Workshop Honoring your inner power

Stéphanie Benoit // Sunday 31st of January @ 10:30am

Pregnancy is a sacred time. A woman carries life and plays a determining role. The ups and downs during pregnancy are ever present, reminding us of our inner fire and of our deep seeded animal force that is cultivated during this period of great change. In this workshop, we will learn how to tame this strong yet fragile phase through yoga, meditation and writing. We will learn to let ourselves be guided by intuition and to draw from this great strength that dwells within us. For all pregnant women, no yoga experience required! Materials required: paper, pencil, yoga mat and accessories for support when sitting (cushion or blanket) and/or for during active yoga practice (e.g. blocks). Available 7 days for watching Workshop price: 25$

water // swadhisthana chakra

Chloé Robertson // Sunday 7th of February @ 14h

Nature is composed of several elements. The vast majority of ancient philosophies, including yoga, integrate these elements into their practices.

In the yogic and chakra system, Water and Swadhisthana represent movement, desires and emotions. It is the seat of change. It is where 1 becomes 2. Where our qualities of yin and yang live beyond gender, feminine and masculine, and have the desire to unite with each other. It is our adaptability and our ability to be fluid. It is the current of life flowing through us and our desire to create. When in balance in this aspect of our being, we have access to our emotions, we are able to follow the current of change and we are at peace with our desires and our sexuality. When out of balance, guilt can overwhelm us and the hardening of our waters can make us feel cold and cut off from our emotions and feelings.

In this workshop I will share my humble practice and understanding of the element of Water and Swadhisthana chakra. Being an eternal student myself, I do not pretend to know everything, but I wish to pass on to you what I have learned through teaching and practice. The format is to combine theory with experience. To use these notions to guide our own exploration and connection to ourselves.

Program: - 30 min of theory - 60 min of postural and movement practice (asana + intuitive movement) - 30 min meditation with mudra and bija mantra

There will be 5 workshops in total, built around the 5 elements and the first 5 chakras.

One is not a prerequisite for the next. However, this being a holistic practice where everything is in everything, I find it quite relevant to do them all, giving you a better understanding of how they interact together.

Price 25$
Available for watching during 7 days