Workshops and series


Marie Pier Turgeon // Monday 8th, 15th, 23rd and 29th of March @ 5:30pm

This 4 class series serves to set a solid foundation for mastering the basic elements necessary for the practice of yoga. During these 60 minute classes the following themes will be highlighted: anchoring and activation, the warriors, relationship to the breath and Sun Salutations.

Each class will offer a balanced and complete practice, while focusing on a specific theme and providing you with several tools to better understand and integrate the concepts into your practice. The classes will be pre-recorded and sent every Monday at 6:30pm and will remain available for 30 days. The series is designed for those who would like to begin a vinyasa yoga practice, to refine the notions of alignment and who simply want to experience what yoga has to offer in a simpler and slower expression.

Sent out on Monday March 8th, 15th, 23rd & 29th at 5:30pm
Available for 30 days
15$ + tax/class or 50$+ tax/4 classes

Monday 8th of March @5:30pm
Anchoring & Activation

In the practice of yoga, anchoring, or rooting, is the ability to use the body to stabilize itself in relation to the ground and gravity. For example, being able to distribute the weight equally between hands and feet in downward dog pose, or pushing the ground with your feet in mountain pose to bring the sensation of lengthening the entire spine. These concepts are fundamental in the practice of the postures, because they allow us to learn how to work with gravity and with our center to ultimately be able to distribute the weight of the body throughout the entire structure. This ultimately helps to strengthen and stabilize the body.

Essence Dance // The Seed

Chloé Robertson // Thursday 25th of March @ 6pm

With the arrival of spring, this edition of essence dance invites us to explore the sparkle and curiosity of life awakening. Spring is the season of birth and beginnings. We will dance to make room for what wishes to be sown.

Essence Dance

Letting our essence dance freely, without seeking to move in a particular way, to be good or to be beautiful. While we may be dancing from our individual spaces, your presence helps to create a respectful space that encourages each individual’s freedom of expression where we are able to feel our authentic selves and our deeply rooted origins and let them dance freely.

Included in STUDIO @ LA MAISON forfaits
Drop in: 10$

Balancing the Nervous System

Marie Pier Turgeon // Saturday 27th of March @ 6pm

Why is it that some asanas feel more stimulating while others more relaxing? Is it what we do or how we do it that has the most impact?

This integral 120-minute practice will aim to demystify the nervous system and understand how both our practice impacts and is impacted by it. It is possible to use our yoga practice to calm the mind and help to support a more resilient nervous system.

This integral practice will include theory, vinyasa sequencing, restorative asanas, pranayama and meditation. Everyone is welcome.

Recommended for the practice: 2 blocks, a strap & a blanket
Workshop's price 25$
Replay available 7 days


William Charboneau // Thursday 1st of April @ 6pm

Get the spring back in your step and unthaw winter's stiffness! In this workshop we will

Use therapy balls to target specific trigger points in the body and release high-tension areas. By relieving various aches and pains, ranging from neck stiffness to plantar fasciitis, we will increase our mobility to help support and regain our ability.

Recommended for this class:
2 Blocks (or books)
1 Blanket
2 tune up balls!

If you dont have tune up balls no worries... You can use rubber/tennis balls, rolled up socks, or make a duck tape ball. A foam roller can work too.

Included in STUDIO @ HOME Forfaits
Drop in 10$

AIR // Anahata Chakra

Chloe Robertson // Sunday 4th of April @ 2pm

Nature is composed of several elements. The vast majority of ancient philosophies, including yoga, integrate these elements into their practices.In the yogic and chakra system, Air and Anahata represent our unstuckable essence and joy.

It is the seat of love and compassion. It is the heart of the chakra system, the center, where the solid elements of matter meet the subtle aspects of spirit.

The function of anahatha chakra is to bring together and balance the different components of our being so we can experience integrity and the grace of feeling whole.In balance, we can access an inner state of love, detached from desire and passion. A stable and consistent state that does not depend on external conditions. Here, the air element creates an infinite space that enables us to settle into the heart of who we are.Out of balance, we can feel rejected, alone and dwelling in unmourned losses.In this workshop, I will share with you my humble practice and understanding of the element of Earth and Muladhara chakra. Being an eternal student myself, I do not pretend to know everything, but I wish to pass on to you what I have learned through teaching and practice. The format is to combine theory with experience. To use these notions to guide our own exploration and connection to ourselves.

30min of theory
60min of postural practice and movement (asana + intuitive movement )
30min meditation with mudra and bija mantra

There will be 7 workshops in total, built around the 5 elements and the 7 chakras. One is not a prerequisite for the next. However, this being a holistic practice where everything is in everything, I find it quite relevant to do them all, giving you a better understanding of how they interact together.

Cost of the workshop: 25$
The replay will be available during 7 days.

Ayurveda Inspired Practice

Patricia Saraswati // Thursday 8th of April @ 6pm

Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) signifies The Science of Life.

It works with the elements, their energies and their qualities (Gunas). As we transition into the spring season, please join Patricia Letendre for a special practice inspired by Ayurveda. We’ll move through a vinyasa to help awaken from winter’s hibernation and energize the body.

Included in STUDIO @ HOME Forfaits
Drop in 10$


Marwa Al-Mubarak // Saturday 10th of April @ 10:30am

The pelvis is often regarded as taboo and known as an area of great frustration within the skeletal system, when in reality it is home to our centre of gravity in addition to being the ‘cradle of life’.

In this two-hour Franklin Method workshop we will be deconstructing biomechanical and structural myths built around the pelvis by exploring both its anatomy as well as its movement availability. The hope is that in deepening our understanding of this integral part of the body we, find more freedom of motion, strength and ultimately pleasure in movement. Mostly though, after having connected to the physical body of the pelvis, the deeper work is to past cultural/psychological limitation in order for us to then tap into its creative force.

A portion of it will be lecture and discussion based. Most of it though will be to apply the intellectual learning into physical practice as ‘Embodying function improves function’.

The workshop is for you whether you’re simply looking to get more acquainted to your pelvis or for movement professional seeking to deepen knowledge of its functioning.

Please dress comfortably and have a paper and pencil available . An exercise band (elastic) is also recommended for this practice but is not essential.

Price for the workshop: 25$
Replay will be available for 7 days.

dynamic meditation . spring cleansing edition

Beatrice Ayotte // Thursday 15th of April @ 6pm

Each spring is like a new beginning. Celebrate it by releasing some of the stagnant energy accumulated during the long winter months and by stimulating what lives in you!

Dynamic Kundalini Meditation is a special kind of meditation that takes place in 4 distinct stages:
1. Shaking; releases physical and mental tension to allow the energy to flow more easily.
2. Dance; the body lets this energy manifest itself in its own way.
3. Stillness; we become a witness to what is happening inside and outside the body.
4. Savasana; the body and mind rest and integrate the energy that was gathered.

No equipment or meditation experience required

Included in STUDIO @ HOME Forfaits
Drop in 10$

Movement Therapy: The Pillars of Movement STABILITY

Patricia Saraswati // Saturday 18th of April @ 2pm

To create movement, we need three components: stability, mobility and strength. These are the pillars of movement. I propose exploring this concept in three different workshops.

Stability is the first pillar we will explore. It is the foundation on which we can build the other two. It's a bit like trying to build a brick house on a muddy patch of ground: we can use the strongest materials, but if the foundation we're building on isn't strong, it won't hold up very long.

Stability, or a lack of it, affects our ability to become stronger and more resilient as much as our ability to become more mobile and flexible. It is interesting to know that some people lack mobility because of a lack of stability.

This workshop is for people of all ages and body types. It will help you build a solid foundation on which your practice can continue to flourish and grow.

2 blocks and one blanket are suggested for this workshop.

Workshop price 25$
Replay available for 7 days

Yoga at the Wall . FIRE

Ariane Paradis // Thursday 22nd of April @ 6pm

Dare to explore your asana practice from another angle!

Whether it is to facilitate proprioception or to offer different variations of a posture, the wall is an excellent tool that helps support both a playful and educational practice.This second edition of Yoga at the Wall will be inspired by the element of FIRE; generating heat through active practice to cultivate yang energy and our inner fire to promote our capacity for transformation, digestion and determination.

All you need is a wall AND the desire to explore & have fun!

Included in STUDIO @ HOME Forfaits

Integrale Practice . Tapas

Marie-Pier TURGEON // Saturday 24th of April @ 10:30am

The word tapas in Sanskrit is used to refer to inner fire. Tapas can be seen as the friction needed to start a fire with 2 pieces of wood. It is through action, consistency and repetition that a yogi trains their mind and generates a power they didn’t know they had.

The difference between two simple pieces of wood and lighting a flame comes down to what we do with our resources. While our inner fire and intensity is very unique to each one of us, in this integrale class I will offer practices and resources to generate momentum to light and nurture your flame.

To bring awareness to and awaken our inner fire, the physical practice will explore abdominal and core activation along with a number of asanas and asana sequences (sun salutations, extensions, twists, inversion, etc). And from a more subtle body, energetic perspective, through pranayama and tantric exercises.

Suggested for the practice: 2 blocks and space at a wall
Everyone is welcome!

Workshop price 25$
Replay available for 7 days

Throwback Mixtape Flow

Geneviève Guerard // Thursday 29th of April @ 6pm

A signature Le Studio class with a musical twist! The Throwback Mixtape Flow is a mindful practice with a touch of lightness, where the asanas move freely to the sound of classic Hip Hop, R&B and Pop from the last decades. The musical selection is based on your teacher's favorites! Come move, breath, maybe even dance a little and see if you would have chosen the same playlist!

Included in Studio @ home forfaits
Drop in 10$