Workshops and series

Body Dialogue: Steadying the Fluctuations

Marwa AL MUBARAK // Thursday 13th of Januray @ 6 PM


What if we thought of the body as a canvas for our emotional and mental wellbeing and movement as a metaphor for life?

Winter and the holiday season are beautiful times of the year, but can also be quite destabilizing for our nervous system.In this edition of Body Dialogue, a short meditation will serve as a gateway for us to observe the physical tensions we are carrying, followed by a Pilates inspired movement practice to help us release them.

The flow based sequence will incorporate the use of socks and a small towel to create instability; a metaphor for the instability we often face in our daily lives. The intention being to ask our body & mind: ‘How can I find a sense of grounding and centerdness amidst chaos, instability and fluctuations?’

Props: socks and a towel

Force & Flow

Patricia LETENDRE// Thursday 20th of January @ 6PM

. Event ONLINE .

This class will integrate yoga and strengthening into a fun flow!

By using light weights our muscles will be asked to work differently than they do in a more classic yoga class; the intention being to help us feel stronger and more powerful. Working with resistance builds resilience and creates new neural connections, thus developing better muscular endurance.

Props - light weights (2-5lbs) or you can substitute with things you have around the house ex cans, water bottle, laundry detergent container,

Throwback Mixtape

Beatrice AYOTTE// Thursday 27th of January @ 6PM

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A signature Le Studio class with a musical twist! The Throwback Mixtape Flow is a mindful practice with a touch of lightness, where the asanas move freely to the sound of classic Hip Hop, R&B and Pop from the last decades. The musical selection is based on your teacher's favorites! Come move, breath, maybe even dance a little and see if you would have chosen the same playlist!


Chloé ROBERTSON // Les Thursdays from 27th of January to 27th of February @ 6:30PM

. Event ONLINE and STUDIO .

Do you already have a yoga practice or would you like to start a yoga practice? Are you interested in learning more about the practice and its fundamental principles

These workshops are a journey in themselves and can help set you on a pathway of discovery and of deepening. We will spend time exploring each of the 5 Yamas, delving into the teachings and knowledge each of these principles hold.

The Yamas are the basis of personal and spiritual journey, and serve to harmonize our relationship with the external world. They are so fundamental that our evolution depends on their presence in our lives. The yamas are the first step described in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. They outline moral rules to ensure a healthy relationship to oneself and to the world around us. The intention of this series of workshops is to make the teachings of the Yamas concrete and tangible so they can serve as beacons in our lives and practices.

Ahimsa : Non-violence
Satya : Truth
Asteya : Non-stealing
Brahmacharya : Non-excess
Aparigraha: Non-attachement

The series of 5 workshops (2hrs each) will be offered in hybrid format; both in person and online. Each workshop recording will be available for 6 weeks. Before each workshop, to help support a process of contemplation and reflection, you will receive a few questions centered around the upcoming Yama.

Schedule: Thursdays from 6:30pm to 8:30pm starting on January 27 // culminating on February 24.

In studio 185$+tax
Online 135$+tax

The program: 60 min of asana and meditation
practice 60 min of theory
Q & A