Workshops and series

Movement Therapy: The Pillars of movement . STRENGTH .

Patricia Saraswati Letendre // Sunday 27th of June @ 2pm

To create movement, we need three components: stability, mobility and strength. These are the pillars of movement and will be explored in 3 separate workshops.

The 3rd and final pillar is strength. More specifically, how strength is used and developed in yoga. Its different expressions such as power and endurance, the impact it has on our practice if we lack strength or even if we have too much of it! Like with the first 2 pillars, we will focus on progression, but we will also explore mental strength and our ability to push ourselves and our limits. In yoga we talk a lot about "respecting our limits”, but it is possible to learn how to increase our physical and mental resilience and to push our limits without getting hurt.

Workshop price: 25$
Replay available for 7 days