Workshops and series

Thursday 29th of october & Thursday 5th of november

6pm to 7:30pm

Do your values include equality and compassion? 


Do you want to know more about privilege and oppression in our world? 


Do you want to have a positive impact on the systems that hold some folks down and provide unfair advantages to others? 


Do you want to invest in humanity by digging deeper and building your awareness? 



In this two part Thursday evening series, Jill will lead you skillfully through some simple, yet profound exercises, some intruiging discussions, and some introspective moments that will shine a light on your unique identity and how it relates to your privileges. 


This offering will be especially beneficial to folks living a privileged identity (white, educated, cis-gendered, physically heatlhy, etc.).



This workshop aims to highlight the potential you have as an individual and as part of a collective to shift the structures that fuel inequality. Inspiring, insightful, and uncomfortable, this workshop will challenge you to grow. 

Sessions are included as part of Studio Mile End unlimited memberships or 

$10 drop-in each session for non-members

These sessions can be attended live and/or accessed in replay. Live participation is highly recommended, as this work is done best in community.

Donations are encouraged and donation info will be provided at the events. All donations will go directly to Montreal’s BIHRA (Black Indigenous Harm Reduction Alliance).

Jill’s awareness of inequality began young. Her mother was a social studies teacher and discussions in the household revolved around global issues, international conflicts, social disparity, and actions to make a difference. She was reintroduced to this powerful path by Natalie Brewster Nguyen, who offered privilege & oppression training in the AcroYoga Montreal Teacher Training program. Under the guidance of Eugene Poku and Jessie Goldberg, Jill continued her learning for the greater part of ten years. Jill’s passion for learning and educating about inequality and responsibility have grown exponentially with time. She feels it is an obligation to share with other privileged folks the potential we have to enact change.