The instructor training course at Studio Mile End (formerly Le Studio de Yoga Wanderlust) has been around for eight years now! Led by Jill Campbell and Terri McCollum from the beginning, our precious guides Patricia Letendre and Marie-Pier Turgeon are now taking the reins. We have accompanied nearly 200 students on their journey with yoga. Most of our students wish to teach but a large majority take the training to deepen their yoga practice first and foremost. 


This is why our HATHA VINYASA training is, above all, an invitation on a personal journey: one of self-exploration guided by the tools that yoga offers as a whole and enriched by the many discussions you will have with your instructors and fellow students. Because that is also what we at Studio Mile End, the COMMUNITY, are all about. It is the anchor of our school and identity. This fabulous energy within the group deepens our growth as human beings. Welcome to a community that listens to and supports one another without judgment, a safe place to accompany you in your introspection. 


This 12-week training is divided into four modules and based on the 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification, which is recognized internationally and will allow you to teach anywhere in the world! 


8th October to 27th March

Friday // 6:30PM to 9:30PM
Saturday // 1:30PM to 6:30PM

Sunday // 8AM to 1PM


Our aim is to provide you with a program that respects the philosophical precepts of yoga as faithfully as possible while applying them to today’s world. This means we are always ready to adapt and enrich our training to include what matters most now. 


We are constantly evolving. 


You can rest assured that the information shared by your instructors comes from the most renowned resources to ensure the legitimacy of the training and their professional experiences. As providers of internationally certified Yoga Alliance training, we are committed to sharing everything from the big picture to the tiniest details and the generic to the specific, all to build a clear, structured and rich training.