We’re offering 2 options for the 200 hour training this year!  You can choose to do your training online or in person at our studio in the heart of Mile End. 


We will host a maximum of 20 people online (LIVE via  ZOOM) and a maximum of 20 people in-studio. 


The 200 hours will consist of 160 hours LIVE online or in-person, with 40 hours of the training given through pre-recorded videos. This format allows for a slightly lighter  schedule and for you to complete a portion of the training at home, at your own pace. The pre-recorded videos are content you can watch and study as many times as you need!



modules schedule

Manuals and workbooks

The modules must be followed in order from 1 through 4.  However, you have up to two years to complete your training, so you are free to complete the modules at your own pace.


The manuals and workbooks for the training modules will be available to you in electronic format and are included in the price of the training. The manuals for the training were written by our teachers, along with a number of collaborators.  They reflect decades of teaching experience and take into account the reality of the 21st century, while honouring Yoga’s ancient roots.  


The manuals will accompany you and serve as reference throughout your training and far beyond.