5th edition

advanced training

100 hours
9-10 janUARY // 23-24 JANUARY
6-7 FEBRUARY // 20-21 FEBRUARY // 6-7 MARCH
The training is scheduled to take place in a live, in-person format

The weekend schedule is: 

Saturday and Sunday 7am – 4pm 


Please note that the hourly schedule is subject to change.



You are expected to attend every session offered for the duration of the five weekends. Missed sessions are difficult, if not impossible to make up, even with personal study and homework. The live sessions will be mixed format, including physical practice, guided discussions, personal reflections, teaching practice, and lecture-based. We will have small group moments, where individual voices can be heard more readily, and larger group activities where we all share an experience, as well as personal moments to reflect, practice, and study independently. 



During these unprecedented times, it has become difficult to predict what measures will be necessary from day to day, let alone month to month. At this time, we are planning on hosting this as an in-person training. We have a maximum number of participants, based on the size of our practice space and our ability to respect the 2m social distancing mandate from the government. 


That said, in the case that someone cannot attend due to COVID related (or other) complications, we will have a support structure in place where we offer sessions via zoom for participants to attend from home. The quality of the program will certainly be better in-person at the studio, however, we understand that these times are fragile and want to be prepared for any arising situation. 


If we are unable to meet in person due to COVID restrictions, this training will be given completely online. In this case, we will ensure high quality video and sound and adjust our program to enable at-home learning at the highest level. Your well-being and health are our top priorities.